Example Websites

The following websites are NOT real and are not classified by search engines. They have the purpose of displaying and presenting and any similarity with companies, products, persons, etc. is a simple coincidence.

Dating and marriage agency Website

The d11.testasoft.eu website is ideal for on-line dating, for bureaus and can easily be extended to any type of ads. The site at this stage is presented in its simplest form but can be expanded to an open site where visitors can upload their ad, chat, subscribe chat etc. To visit the website, click HERE.

e-Shop Website
The d12.testasoft.eu website is a state-of-the-art high-tech online store to sell anything 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With the latest technology, there is no limitation on what you want to do, sell or promote. Visit our bar and try it like it was HERE

Construction Company Website
The website d13.testasoft.eu is intended for construction companies that undertake projects, build homes and country houses and undertake buying and selling in all kinds of properties. The site can be easily modified to be used by international construction companies with multilingual support as well as by companies with a large part of their turnover based on real estate buying and selling.
This article incorporates Google’s automatic translation into 7 languages ​​and can be extended to as many languages ​​as we want. Automatic multilingual translation can create tangled results on several occasions but is easy and does not require a qualified translator. We can easily convert the language to multilingual with a perfect translation, but in this case professional translation of every text, term and article of the communication from a professional translator is required. To see the website press HERE

Medical & Paramedical Website
The d14.testasoft.eu website is for companies that trade Medical and paramedics such as Eyewear, orthopedic articles, nutritional supplements, etc. Hearing aids are presented on this website. The products are presented as a list (the price is not displayed) but with a very simple conversion it can be converted into an online store. See the website HERE.

Website for the Tourism Industry
The d16.testasoft.eu website is intended for the tourism industry such as Hotels, Room Rental, Large Room Rental etc. It can handle unlimited number of rooms and unlimited number of room types. The customer can request availability , make an online reservation and pay electronically . To view the site click HERE