Website Protection

Security is one of the most basic when designing and developing a site. Attacks by hackers are everyday, and the slightest negligence and omission can lead to the destruction of your site but, above all, damage the profile and image of your company.

Imagine one morning to enter your website, which is basically your business (e-shop), and find flags of some extreme organization or porn and pictures. Apart from the fact that it will take a few hours to re-upload your site’s content to the air from the backup that you have kept, if you have kept, you will also lose all the data you added to your site from the date of the backup until the date of the attack. The greatest damage, however, is the unreliability and bad reputation you will have as a business from such an attack.

For us, security is of paramount importance and is greater than the functionality and usability of a site and it raises the credibility and reputation of your site.

Visitors to a website are today very much suspicious of security, avoid giving personal information, credit cards, etc. to sites without security or with reduced security.

All demo sites presented on this site have the highest SECURITY that a site may have to offer its visitors safe navigation and secure transport and personal data.

All of our sites are definitely the following:

  • HTTPS secured via Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS) with three key layers of protection Encryption,Data integrity,Authentication.
  • iFrame Protection
  • Copy Protection
  • Users Enumeration
  • Brute force attack-login lockdown
  • Database Security
  • Firewall
  • Spam protection
  • Automated File Change Detection Scan

Unfortunately, the knowledge of hackers is constantly upgrading and there may always be a weakness in the whole system that works and displays your site. Also, a site can be destroyed by attacking the server that you host from a physical disaster (hardware failure, fire, etc.). Backup is therefore your primary responsibility. Also most hosting servers offer daily Backup.